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     Since that time, most of the established window manufacturers have moved away from traditional window designs.  These changes were in response to economic pressure to produce a faster and cheaper way to manufacture windows.  Consequently, the industry has developed a shallow cookie cutter style that no longer reflects that quality of joinery, depth of profile, & delicate feel that was so important to the 18th and 19th century window makers.

        We at Boston Sash felt we could continue to manufacture windows with the same artisanal quality using modern machinery & milling techniques.  History has proved us right.  As the company has grown, we have expanded our product lines to supply traditional style windows to the New England market and still address modern energy codes. 

    Today we have a 30,000 square foot facility with the perfect mix of new & old technology.  Our professional craftsman produce quality traditional style wood windows, doors and exterior millwork.  Although we have preserved the historical elements, we continue to adapt our designs to meet new code requirements, and are taking advantage of new materials and hardware that open new energy saving opportunities for our customers.

     The sales and engineering staff at Boston Sash have a comprehensive knowledge of window and door products both old and new.  Our dealers consult with our professional staff to procure the perfect product for their customers. Their access to builders and homeowners allows us to better provide products that meet modern market requirements.  To view a list of our dealers, click on the 'Dealers' tab at the top right.

About Us

     Boston Sash & Millwork Inc. was conceived in the early 1990's and was incorporated in 1994. The company was started with the expressed purpose of meeting a demand for turn of the century style window sash.